Car-Privacy Statement

Car-Privacy Introduction

Autocarssales car-privacy, strongly supports the privacy of individual cars. And Also, customer rights and consumer data. We also provide consumer data protection, and we value each consumer's individual right to protect their data. In order to exercise control over the use.

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We give all consumers the right to access the data we collect about them. And we also give them the possibility to control our use of this data. Including correction, and deletion on request.

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Autocarssales only obtains consumer data through legal and transparent processes. And will obtain express consent to the collection of personal information when required by law.

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The use of consumer data is overseen by our Data Governance Council. And is composed of senior executives, with authority to report to the board of directors.

This cars privacy policy. Describes the use of the autocarssales collection. And disclosure of personal information. This policy applies to all uses of consumer data by Us. And applies to all products and services.

Information Use (car-privacy)

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Your personally identifiable information is collected by autocarssales through your use of the Site, including, without limitation, through your submission of an email address, to receive promotional or other communications. Or by providing a cell phone number to submit a lead.

Consumer Requests (car-privacy)

We respect control over your information, including upon request. We will also confirm whether we hold or process the information we have collected from you.

In addition, all consumers can ask us to modify, correct or delete the personal information we have collected about them.

Please note that in certain circumstances we may not be able to respond to a request. For example, if the request interferes with regulatory obligations, impacts legal issues.

We cannot verify your identity, or the request involves disproportionate cost or effort. But in all cases, we will respond to your request within a reasonable time and provide you with an explanation.

Passive Information Collection

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